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"Worry less and focus more on your dream Business"

We believe that nothing should get in the way of a good idea. To help every start-up that wants to change the world with their ideas, we have specially designed the Optimus Start-up proposals.

It is perfect for budding entrepreneurs as it takes care of the essentials, allowing entrepreneurs to do what they do best: focus on the big picture and disrupt the status quo.

Formation of a Legal entity

Registration under various Law


Document Requirements 

Documents Required for MSME Registration

  1. Pan Card Company/Prop/LLP

  2. KYC Details – Director/Partner/Prop

  3. Electricity Bill

  4. Bank Details

  5. Nature Of Business

  6. Total Number Of Employee

  7. Total Invested Amount

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration

  1. Pan Card Company/Prop/LLP

  2. Certificate of Incorporation(if Applicable)

  3. GST Certificate (If Applicable)

  4. Trade Name Manufacturer/ Traders

  5. List Of Menu

  6. Rent Deed/Registry Document

  7. Electricity Bill

  8. KYC Details – Director/ Partner/ Prop

  9. Photo – Director/Partner/Prop

Document List For Import-Export Code (IEC)

  1. Pan Card Company/Prop/LLP

  2. Certificate Of Incorporation(if Applicable)

  3. KYC Details – Director/ Partner/ Prop

  4. Electricity Bill

  5. Bank Details /Bank Certificate

  6. Nature Of Business

  7. Photo – Director/Partner/Prop

  8. GST Certificate (If Applicable)

Documents Required for TradeMark Registration

  1. Logo/Watermark

  2. Trade Name

  3. PAN - Company/Prop/LLP/Firm

  4. Certificate of Incorporation(if Applicable)

  5. Rent Deed/Registry Document

  6. Electricity Bill

  7. KYC Details – Director/ Partner/ Prop

  8. Photo – Director/Partner/Prop

  9. MSME Certificate (If Applicable)

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